Prescription Take Back

Prescription Drug Take Back

The Coalition for Healthy Youth is excited to announce that our 2014 Prescription Drug Takeback drive has reached 424 pounds!!

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We are once again hoping to collect at least 500 pounds of un-used and un-wanted prescription drugs from the community in an effort to avoid these medications turning up in the wrong hands.  We work in partnership with law enforcement to collect, measure, and safely destroy left over prescription medications.


During 2012, The Coalition for Healthy Youth collaborated with the Lancaster County rx_sideoffSheriff’s Office to establish two PERMANENT drop boxes for citizens to deposit their unused prescription drugs.  The Coalition’s Prescription Drug Takeback Commitee set a goal of 500 pounds of collected drugs before October 31, 2013.  We are proud to announce that as of October 28, 2013 we have SURPASSED our goal!!!
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503.96 pounds of unused prescription drugs have been turned in!!

That is AMAZING Lancaster!!