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KLS Scholarships are part of a collaborative effort to increase awareness of Kleine Levin Syndrome

Since 2008, a collaboration of Lancaster County high school athletic directors, retired coaches, educators, and nonprofit leaders, including Lancaster County Partners for Youth, has worked diligently to increase the awareness of Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS) in memory of Lancaster High School’s Ryan McKinney who was a star track athlete and unfortunately passed away from KLS-related causes in 2006. Each spring, the group hosts a countywide track and field meet in which the KLS scholarship recipients are announced. Partners for Youth administers the scholarship program. The application deadline is typically the week prior to the yearly event.
JoAnna Mackey of Andrew Jackson High; Trevin Mingo-Watts of Lancaster High; and Courtney Beckham of Buford High were the 2015 KLS Scholarship recipients.


The 2022 event will not be held.

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