Coalition for Healthy Youth

A coalition to identify needs, promote collaboration, and bring prevention and intervention to our youth.

The Coalition for Healthy Youth was founded in 1998

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The Coalition was established to identify community needs and resources, promote greater collaboration, and bring research-based prevention and intervention services to our county’s youth. The Coalition is comprised of representatives from over 40 local and state agencies, the school district, non-profit organizations, and faith-based organizations. The Coalition sponsors services targeting every elementary and high school in the district and has been supported through state, federal and foundation grants.
In addition to ongoing preventative measures, the Coalition sponsors several annual events including the Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse Conference, Community Town Hall meetings to prevent underage drinking, and Business Covenant partnerships. The conference, now in its twelfth year, averages 200 prevention professionals, law enforcement personnel, educators, non-profit leaders, and faith representatives from around the nation whose focus is on at-risk youth behaviors. The Business Covenant partnerships are established with our local corporations and organizations in order to reduce underage access to alcohol and tobacco, to reduce the negative consequences of underage and excessive drinking in our community, and to be committed to empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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