Founded in 1998, and formerly known as the Lancaster County Prevention Coalition, the Coalition for Healthy Youth was founded to identify community needs and resources, promoting greater collaboration, and bringing research-based prevention and intervention services to our county’s youth.


The Coalition for Healthy Youth, funded by the Drug Free Communities grant, serves rural Lancaster County, South Carolina. The goals of the Coalition are to:

  • reduce substance abuse among youth in Lancaster County and, over time, among adults by addressing the factors in our community that increase the risk of substance abuse and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of substance abuse;
  • establish and strengthen collaboration among Lancaster County‚Äôs private nonprofit agencies, and Federal, State and local governments to support the efforts of community coalitions to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth.

The Coalition is comprised of representatives from local and state agencies, the school district, non-profit organizations, and faith based organizations. The Coalition sponsors services targeting every elementary and high school in the district and is supported through other state, federal or foundation grants.


A partnership of prevention efforts that addresses problem youth behavior in Lancaster County by assessing community needs and resources, raising awareness, and facilitating the implementation of evidence based prevention services.


To eliminate problem youth behaviors in Lancaster County so that all youth can lead healthy and productive lives.

The Coalition for Healthy Youth coordinates its efforts to produce and maintain the following:

  • Annual Prevention of Youth Substance Abuse in Rural Communities Conference
  • Community Town Hall Meeting to Prevent Underage Drinking
  • Annual Legislative Breakfast: update on substance use/abuse issues.
  • Business Covenant Partnerships: to reduce underage access to alcohol, and tobacco; to reduce the negative consequences of underage and excessive drinking in our community; and to be committed to empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices.