Our History

Lancaster County Partners for Youth has been supporting our community for over 40 years.

Lancaster County Partners for Youth has evolved over the years

First established in 1977 as the Lancaster Medical Endowment, this not-for-profit, charitable organization was started for the purpose of contributing funds to Springs Memorial Hospital for capital improvements.

Upon the sale of Springs Memorial Hospital in 1994, the LME reorganized as the Lancaster Youth Endowment Fund with a new mission and purpose – to provide support to groups and organizations working to better the lives of our youth; proudly devoted to the motto, A Better Tomorrow Through Today’s Youth.

Original LME board members Leo Maguire, Dace Jones, and Donald Scott present a donation to Springs Memorial Hospital.

A Partnership is Born


In 2002, the Lancaster County School District’s Board of Trustees approved the establishment of an education foundation to support its mission and goals.

Because of its strong history, excellent reputation, existing resources, and common concerns, the Lancaster Youth Endowment Fund was approached by the School District Trustees to explore the possibility of merging its organization with the newly established education foundation.


After a series of meetings and considerations, the Lancaster Youth Endowment Fund merged with the new educational foundation and on April 19, 2005, was renamed the Lancaster County Partners for Youth, Inc.

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